Monday, September 15, 2008

Yike, IKE, IKE, IKE, IKE...

Well, to start off with, we are definitely fine and dandy here in Katy. Hurricane Ike did make his self known, but in the end, his remains can always be fixed, replaced, and cleaned. To give you a little info. on how we spent our night, I thought I'd blog "our story".
I guess with the last hurricane just being a "teaser", personally, I didn't get too caught up in the preparation and hype of Ike. I just thought I'd hear and see some wind and rain. Needless to say, Yatshi, Peanut, and I spent the night in the closet. Michael was on watch, which was a good thing, because we did end up having a hole in our roof from a vent or air duct thing being ripped off our roof. This leading to water coming into the attic and making its way down to the first floor. Yes, we have some water damage on our roof and inside on the ceiling, but the husband did his best and ended up "saving" our new carpet that we just put in in April. It was a mess (for all of us OCD people). The morning after, I woke up thinking, "Man, that's what a hurricane is like?" with the no big deal attitude. Well, then I walked into the livingroom where I saw all of our towels on the floor and a trashcan catching dripping water. I could feel the "OCD" kicking inside of me, like we had to get this cleaned up asap. Then, Michael told me to look outside...shingles everywhere, fences blown down (not ours to our surpise), our big pine tree in the backyard half standing and the other half on our house. All in all, we made out great. We only ended up losing power for about a day. Like I said before, the damage that we did have can always be fixed, replaced, or cleaned. Our lives and safety are what we are really thankful for.
Here are a few pictures of Ike's visit...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our Ladybug's Room

After much thought, paintbuckets, trips to Katy (from mom and aunt), and yards of ribbon, our sweet little ladybug's room is finished. Thanks to her grandma and Aunt Betty, Addy's room is painted to perfection. Here are some pictures of how it turned out.

We can't wait to bring our ladybug home, so she can see her room "designed" especially for her. We know she'll love it as much as her daddy and I do. I guess you could say that Peanut really loves her room too. He seems to have claimed his spot already.