Thursday, January 1, 2009

Two months more...

Oh my, our baby girl is already 2 months. It's crazy how much she has grown. She is still on the little side, but seeing that her mommy and daddy aren't big people, that she will probably just have to live with. Well, Addy has amazed us with her strength lately. At 5 weeks, she was already sitting up in her Bumbo. Now, at almost 9 weeks, she can pretty much hold her whole body up (stand). Michael and I just balance her by putting our hands under her arms, and she stands. Addy even puts one foot in front of the other, like she is walking. It's so funny b/c she is still so little. She's also doing more of the "cooing" and smiles so much. I didn't think I could ever be so attached and love something as much as I love my baby girl. I take one look at her, and my heart melts every time.

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